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Virus Removal

We end the nightmare of hidden viruses and spyware that lurk on your computers. No doubt you rely on an anti-virus program on your computers to protect them, but they aren’t 100% effective. Just as when you get a flu shot you still might get the flu, so it is with viruses and spyware. Even though you pay for protection, bugs still can get through. The criminals who create computer viruses are like mutating flu viruses; they see it as their job to break through the protection barriers. Our virus removal techniques will not only cure your computer, but prevent it from getting future attacks.

When your computer or other electronic device gets infected with a virus, we run multiple advanced programs for all the known viruses – and we’re updating our programs constantly. In extreme cases, we’ll back up your data and reload the whole system. The virus removal process usually takes two–three hours, so we typically perform this work in-shop, which is more economical for you.

Once we’ve removed the found infections, we do much more for you. We also:

  • Repair corrupted operating system files if needed
  • Optimize your system’s start-up to boot faster
  • Clean your computer’s temporary files and registry, allowing your system to run faster/more efficiently
  • Thoroughly test your system to make sure viruses, spyware, malware are completely removed

Once we do all this, your computer will run better than it did even before it got infected. This is all part of our service to you.