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On-Site Residential Services

The average home has multiple computers and other digital devices: laptops, desktops, smart phones, tablets, wireless printers, and Smart TV’s. We can connect all these devices by setting up a “home network”, simplifying your life.

Imagine being able to easily share files or allow your PC and Mac to “speak” to each other. Also imagine your smart phone unable to penalize you for using data because while you’re at home your phone is connected to your home network instead of your wireless company’s data plan!

In your home, we can do a lot to make your life much easier! Our residential networking services include:

  • Network your PCs, Macs, and other devices
  • New computer & printer installation (we can also transfer your files to the new system)
  • Connect your cell phone and tablets to your “home network” so you aren’t using up data
  • Resolve error messages & connection issues
  • Hardware/Software installation & upgrades
  • System cleanup & optimization
  • Home theater and TV setup
  • Desktop and laptop repairs
  • Storage & backup device setup
  • Video surveillance systems: Installation & repair
  • Virus removal (We recommend this service be performed in-shop)