Data Services

Data Services

Data services include Data Recovery, Data Backup, and Data Transfer of pictures, music, documents, emails, videos, etc.

Data Recovery from: computers, drives, thumb drives: When your computer has crashed and your screen is dark, you’ll need help pulling your data off of it and onto another device. That’s where we come in. We can pull the drive and use special programs to recover your data.

Data Backup to: external drives, thumb drives, off-site: You’ll want to prevent loss of data in the first place by putting backup systems in place. Then you’ll never need us for Data Recovery! When something happens, your data will be waiting safely somewhere else. But it’s like life insurance: everyone knows they need it, but they don’t do anything about it until it’s too late.

Setup of scheduled backups for all your important data. Recovering data can, in most cases, be done, but it isn’t cheap, so it’s best to have a backup system in place. We can help with this. We encourage you to be a bit paranoid about losing your data and let us put backup systems in place for you.

We urge you to consider putting a backup system in place for:

  • Software you use to run your business. Any kind of software you use to run your business (such as QuickBooks, Photoshop, CAD, software for Realtors and Attorneys, etc.) has data files, and these need to be backed up.
  • Documents. Any documents that would be difficult to redo should be backed up regularly.
  • Emails. Especially if you’re in a business where emails are your lifeblood (such as Realtors), you need to have backups of those emails as well as your contacts from your computer and your smartphone.
  • Photographs. Many people these days don’t print their pictures anymore. Imagine your anguish if you lost all of your family photos.

Data Transfer to: new computers and drives. If you get a new computer, you’ll want to transfer everything from the old one to the new. Or maybe you have pictures, music, or videos on your phone or other device that you want to put on your computer. We can do this for you.