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At True Blue Computers, whether you’re a SMALL BUSINESS using one computer or a complicated network, or you’re a RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMER using a laptop, desktop, All-in-One, or hand-held device – Android or Apple – we’ve got you covered! We support and repair both PCs and Macs, as well as all Apple products. If it’s electronic and it breaks, we can fix it! (or be honest enough to tell you it’s not worth fixing)

The best part is, you don’t have to know what you need! Just tell us what’s happening (or not happening), and we’ll tell you the next step – in plain English. We specialize in explaining technical issues in ways you can understand. No geek-speak!

Here are some issues we typically hear about from our customers:

  • “I can’t get online.”
  • “My screen is dark.”
  • “There’s no power.”
  • “I’m getting error messages.”
  • “I’m having startup/shutdown issues.”
  • “I’m getting a lot of pop-ups.”
  • “My computer is too noisy.”
  • “My computer has stopped making its normal sounds.”

For BUSINESS customers, we typically go on-site, but if there’s something we can do in-shop, we’ll do that because it’ll be more economical for you. We can set up networking solutions, troubleshoot and repair hardware and software problems, install or repair computers, printers, and other equipment, including retail POS systems and video surveillance systems.

We offer guaranteed priority service at a discounted rate through our maintenance contract for added peace of mind. We specialize in spotting problems before they happen! We visit on-site every other month and provide preventive maintenance. On-site business appointments can normally be scheduled and completed the same day.

Ongoing maintenance services include:

  • Cleanup & Optimization so your systems run faster and more efficient.
  • Hardware Diagnostics to make sure components are healthy, for your peace of mind
  • Data Backup check to make sure it’s running correctly. (You might not know whether it’s actually backing up your data the way it’s supposed to.)
  • Offer recommendations regarding ways to make your network run more efficient or updating outdated equipment.

For RESIDENTIAL customers, we generally recommend bringing your computer to our shop to save on costs, but if you feel daunted by the prospect of bringing in your faulty equipment or if the issue involves a network connection, we’ll be happy to come out to you. Besides troubleshooting and repair of all your devices, we can set up a home network so all your devices speak to each other and setup your smartphone to no longer use data once you’re home.
We also offer remote support and in-store/on-site training & tutoring.

We also offer remote support and in-store/on-site training and tutoring.