Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

Below are a few helpful tips and tricks that True Blue Computers offers free of charge!

Uninstall old software you no longer use. If you haven’t used it in a few months get rid of it. Old software can cause instability or incompatibility with new software in your computer and cause it to slow down. The number 1 cause of slow computers in our shop is too much software running.

Put an automatic backup system in place. Loss of documents usually isn’t cause for too much anguish, but imagine if you lost all of your family’s pictures. One of our customers came to us in tears. She had three children less than five years of age and had never printed a picture. Another of our customers, a photographer, lost a client because she lost all of the pictures she had taken in Africa for the client. A construction business client lost almost five years of QuickBooks files – and he didn’t have a backup. These are all tragedies that can be prevented if you have a backup system. We’re happy to help with this – because, frankly, we don’t enjoy seeing customers in tears.

Recycle old hardware and dead devices. You probably have a closetful of old or obsolete devices you’ll never use again. Instead of throwing them out, bring them in to us to recycle for free. We partner with a trusted vendor to safely recycle old electronics and peripherals, such as power cords.

Consider training or tutoring to fully learn your electronic devices. Some of our customers confess that they’ve had a device for a couple of years but “only know how to surf the Internet on it.” Devices such as iPads offer a whole world of capabilities. You’ll be delighted to discover what you can do with your device.