The Team

At True Blue Computers, Greg Whinnie runs the show: heading up tech support and customer service. Born in suburban Maryland, Greg’s background is government computer support at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Being the manager of a small team of “tech guys” for 1,100 employees taught him how to deal with people.

Brandee Whinnie is the operations manager; she quietly focuses on the back office work. She is from Utah originally and met Greg in Washington, D.C. Her calm attention to detail makes her the perfect partner for the business.

Chris Wooley the “Funny Man” out of our techs, started working at True Blue Computers in 2013. He earned a Computer Networking degree in 2005 from Horry Georgetown Technical College. With many years experience with PC & Mac repair, his skill set also includes computer networking and Cat5 wiring.

Michael Veringo has extensive knowledge and experience of all things technical. His skill set includes PC, Mac, Tablets and Phones (both Apple and Android). He has been working for True Blue Computers since 2015. He is our resident “Gaming” technician, who enjoys building, repairing, and testing gaming systems.

Jonathan Smith is highly experienced and the “Nerdiest” of our technicians, but also great with people. He lives for technology, keeping up with the latest products, solutions, and security threats to better serve our clients. He has an advanced skill set which includes working on servers, networking, firewalls, and Cat5 wiring.

Three friendly rescue dogs complete the True Blue family: Maya, a lab mix, Abby, a pit bull mix; and Autumn, a rat terrier mix. They take turns coming to work and even know when it’s their day. They love gently greeting people but will happily go to the back room if a customer prefers!