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About True Blue Computers

Trust, expertise, clear explanations, and superior customer service – that’s what True Blue Computers is all about. We are a family company, and we hire only the most experienced and people-oriented technicians to assist us.

At True Blue Computers, whether you’re a SMALL BUSINESS with one computer or using a complicated network or you’re a RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMER using a laptop, desktop, All-in-One, or handheld device, we’ve got you covered! We support and repair PCs and Macs, as well as all Apple products.

Our BUSINESS clients rely on us to keep them in business. When your business computer or network is down, so is your business. At True Blue Computers we understand, and we will get you back up quickly. We will dispatch a friendly, knowledgeable technician to your site, and evaluate and solve your problem so you can get back to doing business.

Our RESIDENTIAL clients also appreciate our services. You can walk in with the misbehaving device or, if you’re unable to come in because you’re just too busy or have mobility issues, we’re happy to come pick it up and bring it to the shop. We also provide in-home services to make your life much easier! Many of our customers are snowbirds who wait all year till they can come to us with their troublesome devices because they know they can trust us to do good work for a reasonable price.